Lundi 12 Novembre 2007
Tes yeux s'emplissent de ciel pâle
En plein jour je compte les étoiles
La folie au ventre la poitrine nouée
Un instant s'oublie dans les nuées

L'âme et la liberté d'un vagabond dément
Il fallut que je goûte aux sucs des fleurs des champs
Leur jus amer leur épines leurs pétales
En plein jour je compte les étoiles
Les lèvres cisaillées de blessures d'argent.

Broken doll

Samedi 3 Novembre 2007
Broken doll sketch
It's a sketch for a painting I've been thinking of for some time. She's a doll, more like a puppet in fact, whose strings have been cut, and now she's walking into her freedom with her fragility and her loneliness, but with the will to find herself and make up for her own identity.
She has this victorian feel, with some melancholy in her eyes, giving the impression that she's from another century and has been kept hidden for a long time until she arrives in our days.

It is intended to be painted on a canvas that is 175cm in height and 80 in width, with a real life inspiration for the character; someone tiny enough to fit in at 1:1 scale.
nov. 07
3/11/2007 Broken doll
12/11/2007 rêverie