Through summer with grayscale sketches

Monday 14 July 2008
Still sketches make the life look like a tranquil string of days.
It's not exactly the case, to say the truth. However, those drawn tidbits are the witness of moments when the pace slows down until it nearly stops, suspended to the sliding of a pencil's tip, or to the fragile silence of a posing model. I never cease to value the income of slowness.
The only moments when I manage to be doing nothing is when I'm drawing one of those sketches from life. And I could be doing nothing for hours if I was authorized so.

Technically speaking, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with markers. I appreciate the easy setup, that allow to start a sketch while standing in the tramway's crowd between two stations. However I'm still not sure of what felt-tip brand / paper type to use so I tend to try out many at random. Layout paper doesn't come in small convenient sketchbooks from what I've seen so far.

The pictures below show some of those drawings. You can click on thumbnails to get a popped up view.
various grayscale sketches by zancan


Jul. 16, 2008 3:22
Your work is beautiful and to me it looks like you have those markers down.
Jul. 08
14/7/2008 Through summer with grayscale sketches