Frame test

Saturday 6 December 2008
081206 Frame test for Garden of Giants

I've been pondering whether I should buy a frame for Tears of Joy in the Garden of Giants, or make one myself. The question of which frame style to pick from must be taken seriously. I've been hesitating between a dark, baroque frame that would enhance the luminosity of the painting. Or, a heavy, rusty metallic frame that would respond to the reddish armatures of the garden's dome, and would be also consistent with the one I already built with my father for Below the Rust.
The picture above is a sample photographed at the framing shop tested against a print of the painting. The estimate I asked for said slightly more than 800€, which is quite an amount.*Sigh* ...


Mar. 14, 2010 5:36
800 personally is more than worth for framing this beauty of art, besides you'll be paid back from your arts =] I'd like to see a cross reference of what Tears of Joy in the Garden of Giants would look like in the rusty metallic frame... Good luck!
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