Colorful miniatures

Tuesday 3 March 2009

After this dull series of tortured rant and gray atmospheres, I thought that a little bit of color would not hurt anyone :)

Here are two small sized canvas painted with oil. You can click on the images to zoom in!

Colorful miniatures, two small paintings by Michaël Zancan

First, the little thingy on the right is a fan-art of a talented illustrator from who I kinda borrowed an original drawing some time ago. This was a wink at her Red Corset, that has been a real fun to make and a pleasure to send to Kmye, after that charming encounter in real life back in december. Her talent shines even more after realizing that I couldn't express the same melancholic sensuality that her character displays.

The "big" green painting _ it's 30cm /11 inches wide _ was made a much longer time ago, in 2005 if I remember well. Back then it was a commission from my cousin Karelle to illustrate a song named "La dormeuse du val", inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's famous poem.
The painting was done in about 3 sessions, which makes it more like a sketch than a finished work to me. I would have loved to make the lush more realistic, add rays of light falling down and a bit of heat glow.

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