absolution in stone

Monday 25 May 2009
Martina Topley-Bird Sandpaper kisses

There's no actual point about drawing churches and cathedrals in terms of creativity. That was a big task and I deepened into it because all in all, it made much more sense than just sticking inside my head and observe the failure of my feelings and my behaviors.
Detailing the whole sight was basically intended as a humble gift to someone deserving much more but also a self-inflicted punishment in practice. Though I was happy of it eventually (except the large dark slate roof that ended up messy due to watercolor on bad paper) and feel ready for another intricate image of spiritual and severity symbolism whenever it is needed to bring that troubled man into line.
The drawing is a view of the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Rouen ( link ), seen from a fifth floor apartment, almost facing the south portal. The paper is like A2 format and it took about 12 hours of standing on a small balcony. Luckily, I had a very compassionate weather on my side. Clicking on the image pops up the full picture in original cropping.
Sorry for being both confused and mystic again. ;)

Dessin de la cathédrale de Rouen, encre et aquarelle


Oct. 13, 2010 16:22
Actually, I like what you did with the roof. It looks like the shadow of a floting by cloud.
Oct. 22, 2010 0:04
well ok then. Let's say it's because of the cloud. The roof's perfect now :)
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