Tears for Joy in the Garden of Giants

January 2010
Oil painting on canvas - 120x200 cm
Among the vast palette of emotions that can be felt, one exists that is rare. It's when one gets filled with a joy so immense that some tears come flooding. This is the barriers that crumble, the instant when the extremes blend into one, though absurd, jubilant defeat. It's the moment when laughter and weep gather, the widest range of feelings concentrated in one.

This canvas has been painted multiple times.
First, numerous sketches and drawings were made, that got lost one night in a metro. Rage!
It has been drawn over... eventually the sketches were recovered by a friend at the Lost&Found, months after.
There has been travels, to visit tropical glasshouses, or dome architecture from the 1900s such as the Grand Palais in Paris.
A painted study was completed using digital tools, which took a few months. Then, going back to the genuine aim, the large canvas was painted entirely again using oils. Then, painted over again, for I thought that the whole image lacked contrast.
It's only with the first days of january 2011 that could be decided that the painting was finished.


Sep. 28, 2014 14:42
Cette œuvre est tellement fascinante! De manière générale, je suis impressionnée par la précision de vos travaux, la finesses de leurs détails, la technicité et l'inventivité dont vous faites preuve et je trouve que cette œuvre combine tous ces éléments à leur paroxysme.