20 Minutes

April 2012
Oil and acrylics painting on canvas 80x80 cm ( 31.5x31.5 inches) painted in 2 days at Polymanga, switzerland
This painting is the result of my participation in the "Arting Spirit" competition, as part of Polymanga 2012 convention, held in Lausanne, Switzerland. 28 illustrators tried their brushes on the subject "20 Minutes", that was unveiled on saturday morning. The paintings had to be finished by sunday evening, after roughly 22 hours of work.
My painting made it to the 4th place of the competition.

This theme suggested to illustrate a period of time. I though about the name of that free newspaper called "20 minutes" that I had a chance to browse during one of those boring train travels between Bordeaux and Paris, which inspired me this setup.
I imagined this character, dressed in a busied man's suit, who arrives in a train station to catch the next departure in 20 minutes, but finds an abandoned scene instead. Two different timescales meet in this painting, the one after which we run, and the one that inexorably flows by.



Apr. 12, 2012 20:53
This is beautiful as always ^^ You always do wonderful things with the light and I've always loved the plants growing over stone in your paintings - it reminds me of the hanging gardens of babylon! There's something about the passing of time the is both sad and beautiful, right?

The man looks like he just stumbled onto a different world almost. Like he was just dropped off at the wrong location...oops XD Imagine if there really was a departure in 20 minutes! A lot can happen in that amount of time :)