Cinnamon Breath

October 2004
Oil painting on canvas - 73x92 cm (29x36 '')
Breath in.
From the greyish days of boredom, to the glorious moments of love that I didn't expect, I went through so many moods. Her wind has blown so strongly, this crazy storm that blew everything up,
that at last calmed down.
Breath out.

This painting was done during summer '04. It somehow tells a moment of my very own story. I stand there, self-portrayed with some beautiful creature I had been dreaming of. In a fateful coincidence she was brought to me on those ethereal heights above my greyish city; fate again tore her off so suddenly, leaving me filled with that deep emotion, a joyful reminiscence of what could be that love I hadn't felt for so long.



Nov. 4, 2010 10:38
absolutely fantastic, love every aspect of your paintings :)
Jun. 6, 2010 17:43
Ah ! Ah ! J'ai trouvé un signe, enfin je suis peut être... Enfin bref. Je vois que vous avez dessiné un poisson en pierre dans cette peinture et dans votre autre peinture " Mémoire mauve ". Je ne sais pas ce que cela pourrait signifier (Peut être votre animal favorie ?...), enfin sinon, votre tableau est tout ce qu'il y a d'éblouissant ! Et on voit bien la différence entre les deux mondes... C'est toujours aussi magnifique !
May 5, 2009 3:45
I notice all is bright and colourful on her side while its shades of grey on urs....that true depiction too? its nice though....
Jan. 17, 2009 20:47
Woow, this is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen, seriously. When I look at it it's like I feel a warm summer breeze :) Your pictures inspired me to work harder on my painting skills after abandoning arts for quite a time. Thanks :)