Twisted Tree

April 2004
Graphite pencils on paper - A3
Fantasies, playful nymphs,
You wakened the tree,
You made the bark branch and blossom.

You are woven in my intricacy
I am curled in your intimacy
You're pleasured, sweet hedonists
Caresses flood imbue my million fingertips
In the glimmer and the warmth
Share and relish our luscious osmosis
Luster and shine
In the brightness of delight



Alexander L.
Aug. 7, 2007 21:23
Firstly, I would like to congradulate you on stunning just one more wide-eyed fan. Thank-you for creating such beauty. I love all of youre peices, some more than others. For some reason I am drawn most to your extremely smoth pencil drawings. I know that you mention that you use 3H and HB pencils but I was wondering if you could be more specific as to the materials you use. Thank you so much. May only the beauties of the world grace your dreams tonight... both for your and our sakes.