Gizmobies painting reworked

Tuesday 29 August 2006

According to Jon Phillips, Gizmobies's CEO, the first month's sells went very well, and he said that I had been the best selling designer "on a per-design basis", but the fourth overall. He was very enthusiastic about my paintings and convinced me to arrange new designs for September 1st.


Jon thought that my painting entitled MosFete would look nice on Gizmobies, but since it's a very early piece of mine the actual painting is full of enormous mistakes. Someone on DeviantArt said once that the girl looked like she had been violently punched in the face. Ouch. And I was forced to agree, and since it's definitely not my kind to snap women I was feeling really bad about that.

So I grabbed my Wacom and started to touch the girl up. I also drew a large extra part of empty background to fill up the iPods' front side printable area. I don't think the girl is that perfect now, but at least she doesn't look punched anymore.


Oct. 9, 2007 1:52
I know the feeling. I've gotten the exact same 'face comment' about one of my pieces. It surprises me a little when people leave notes like that. As far as I'm concerned the face symbolizes the identity both of the artist and the model, and so that sort of criticism is unwarranted, at least in those terms.
Oct. 12, 2007 14:58
We must be able to make a difference between anatomical errors, and variation in the face features inherent to individuals. The issue when drawing painting is that you get used to seeing your piece so much that you can't see what's obvious to first-time viewers. I consider their fresh, unaltered point of view, as an extremely valuable criticism. A supposedly realistic artwork can access the level of emotions only when the technique itself is mastered enough to get unnoticed.
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