Window view

Friday 26 September 2008
080926 Aquarelle - Place de la Halle des chartrons
This is the view from my window on the west side of the apartment. It offers a nice view point over the Place de la Halle des Chartrons, a quiet square in Bordeaux that feels the lazy atmosphere of a southern french village in old summertime days.

I painted it using watercolors on a postcard-sized paper; put a stamp on the back and it makes a nice gift to send to someone dear. Although I'm not quite sure how much postal services can be trusted for that task.

Below is the view from my front door, when I get home late. The church Saint Louis des Chartrons has a relaxing, protective effect on me, when I walk along its porch or rest under its gaze.
080936 Eglise Saint Louis des Chartrons


Oct. 12, 2010 20:40
you must love your place. what i wouldn't give for a vieuw like that. does it pay that much to be a painter?
Oct. 13, 2010 9:57
The view itself didn't cost that much. It was the happy bonus out of a very small apartment. Whatever the view, at one point one starts to suffocate by staying in the same place, I move out since then.
Oct. 13, 2010 16:32
I can understand that, but still, it's very beautifull. Where I live right now, there's barely any beauty to be found in my direct environment. Well that's not really true, there are a lot of trees around here, but nothing so magnificent. Well, I hope your new place has an even better vieuw.
Sep. 08
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