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Saturday 7 November 2009

There is a small interview that was published in September issue of Imagine FX. The magazine is dedicated to digital art with a lot of tips, technical article, interviews or tutorials from professionals in the digital field. However, they showcase a couple traditional artists' work in each issue.

The two artworks they selected were somewhat related to this issue's theme, which was "fairy art". Though I undoubtedly deviated from the fantasy themes lately, it is still refreshing to be part of the enthusiasm of the genre.

I am wondering what "splendidly french" means.

Michaël Zancan - France. Initially venturing into the world of engineering after college, Michaël Zancan soon quit to become a painter full-time, until I accepted this two-sided creative personality by also building a high-tech company. The artistic side of Michaël needs, he says, isolation with meditation, observation of passing time, writing, contemplation of beauty and visceral relationship with matter. Michaël describes the results as a transposition of heartfelt fantasies into figurative symbolism, with unreasonable attention to details and a certain obsolete fashion. How splendidly French
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