On this page are exhibited most of my artworks, the majority of which are made with oil paint on linen or cotton canvas.


February 2017

Photo de classe

February 2016

The Belly Tree

February 2014


December 2013

Princess and the pea

October 2012

20 Minutes

April 2012

No Doll

December 2011

Martin's painting

November 2010

Tears for Joy in the Garden of Giants

January 2010


November 2009

Pas d'Ange

November 2008

The Book

October 2007

Backdoor Into Luxuriance

January 2007

Purple Spattered Memories

June 2006

Tears of Joy in the Garden of Giants

December 2005

Queen of Technical Nonsense

September 2005

Home and Fairies

March 2005

Cinnamon Breath

October 2004

The Walls of Unsaid

January 2004

Below the Rust

April 2002

Filling Desert with Uselessness

April 2002


November 2001
Below are the few pencil drawings I've released. They are all the result of a very meticulous work with pencils. I'm always using 2 types of mines: 3H for smooth shading, and a semi bold (HB) one for details.


April 2012

Twisted Tree

April 2004

Queen of Technical Nonsense

April 2002

Butterfly's Reverie

June 2000

Olive Tree

November 1996