Reportage France 3 Aquitaine

Friday 12 February 2010

I have been interviewed by the regional TV during my solo exhibition in Bordeaux. It was the first time for me in front of a television camera, needless to say that I wasn't much comfortable. The babbling must be the stupidest ever and it certainly shows that I'm a little impressed. In the montage, they dared to compare my work with the movie "Avatar". Grrrrr

Bordeaux 7 / 11 Fév. 2010

Thursday 11 February 2010
Un article paru dans Bordeaux 7 à l'occasion de l'exposition "L'intime et le temps" à la galerie 22 Rive Gauche.

Lire l'article "Dans l'intimité de Zancan"

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Article ImagineFX

Saturday 7 November 2009

There is a small interview that was published in September issue of Imagine FX. The magazine is dedicated to digital art with a lot of tips, technical article, interviews or tutorials from professionals in the digital field. However, they showcase a couple traditional artists' work in each issue.

The two artworks they selected were somewhat related to this issue's theme, which was "fairy art". Though I undoubtedly deviated from the fantasy themes lately, it is still refreshing to be part of the enthusiasm of the genre.

I am wondering what "splendidly french" means.

Michaël Zancan - France. Initially venturing into the world of engineering after college, Michaël Zancan soon quit to become a painter full-time, until I accepted this two-sided creative personality by also building a high-tech company. The artistic side of Michaël needs, he says, isolation with meditation, observation of passing time, writing, contemplation of beauty and visceral relationship with matter. Michaël describes the results as a transposition of heartfelt fantasies into figurative symbolism, with unreasonable attention to details and a certain obsolete fashion. How splendidly French

Fantasy Art Now

Friday 7 December 2007
071206 Fantasy Art Now - Luxuriance

I had the chance to have 3 of my paintings featured in the book Fantasy Art Now by Martin McKenna, published by Ilex Press. Martin has selected artworks from the "leading fantasy artists and rising stars", and has contacted and invited the artists personally.
Backdoor Into Luxuriance, Tears of Joy in the Garden of Giants and Purple Spattered Memories appear in the book at generous size. Some are slightly cropped but it's barely noticeable.
I am very satisfied with the quality of the book, the fidelity of the colors, or the way the images are emphasized and valued. Moreover, each painting as some of the artist's thoughts as side notes, which give the images another dimension.

Although the themes are mainly among the most common fantasy standards ( warriors, dragons and destructions scenes for instance), which is generally not my cup of tea, the quality of the art is not discussable. I enjoyed mostly more sensitive, dreamy artworks, such as Melanie Delon's or Rebecca Guay's to name the ladies first.

071206 Martin McKenna, Boris VallejoTo top it all, the foreword was written by Mr Boris Vallejo himself, which means the Master whose art I was worshiping in my youth might have seen one of my paintings... It makes me feel rather weird and somehow proudly smiling :)

Spectrum Book

Friday 10 November 2006
061110 Queen Of Technical Nonsense in Spectrum
I've received today in the mail the 13th release of Spectrum art book. The number and diversity of works displayed is amazing. It's really an great honor to have a painting appearing here, next to such an impressive gathering of big names in the fantasy and surreal art field.
Queen of Technical Nonsense appears at the very end, surrounded by beautiful works from the so famous and stunning artists Jason Chan, David Bowers and Richard Hescox.
It's the first time I get a painting published in an art book.
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