Cash Machine

Thursday 21 July 2011

Some fingers touch
and the other can not
One chest lays down and the other beats
Cold cash machine
versus paper skin
I wish you were better at this game
For me to steal more of your lines
I wish I had been better at that Game
to score first place in your hall of fame

Friend doodling

Monday 11 July 2011
I was in Paris and stayed at Oceane and Cécilia's flat for a day. We went to see the Hugo Pratt exhibition at La Pinacothèque museum, it was really nice to see all those original watercolors. The permanent exhibition is something to see as well. Then at night, even though very tired, it was great to sit altogether, drawing. Below is Océane doing her "Spread the Love" drawing. The cat was long gone after I started the sketch, so I had to improvise, he's really wonky looking.

Petit portrait

Wednesday 20 April 2011

I didn't even know it existed such a shade of blue..

April sketching

Sunday 17 April 2011

Palais Gallien

Pallais Gallien is a roman amphitheater from the 3rd century, of which only a few walls survived. Still is has this magical feeling when you randomly fall on this majestic sight, in the middle of the night, in the secluded decal of the sleepy streets.
I stayed there sketching in dim light for a short hour, enjoying the calm and the jump over time.

Dessin Palais Gallien - Bordeaux


Isn't it an original name for a parrot ? ;) It's my grandparents's. It's grey, very old, and of course it can talk. Usually it doesn't like to be watched, but there it stood rather still. I think that with time this parrot is getting more sociable. okay, I'm not very good at drawing animals, because I almost never do that, but I like them ( even though they don't always like me. The parrots )


I met Helena in a train, we chatted a bit around a cup of overly expensive filter coffee that was overflowing at every bump of the railway. She is from Russia. Then I asked her if I could draw her. It was not easy, with the wagon shaking so much, and a face I didn't know, but an interesting, slighlty charming experience.


I met Jolita in a english pub. I wasn't sure how I would manage to have here stay quiet for long enough for a drawing. Then I gave her the ipad with Cash Machine, and apparently that worked about the same way as it does on me (Damned, I'm so addicted to this game!). Although the result is very sketchy, it was a very enjoyable moment that I would have wanted to sustain. I did another with different angle before getting caught by fatigue. Really looking forward to another try.


Thursday 2 September 2010

I made this portrait of my friend Dominique at his workshop, in a remote, beautiful and secluded barn in the country.
He is a painter specialized in the creation of murals.

Portrait of Dominique

When working on canvas, he uses to pin them directly on the wall, which shows the traces of dozens of previous artworks that were completed in this place.
Although it wasn't much easy to achieve the portrait for he wasn't standing in stillness, it was a pleasure to witness the artist at work, and a simple, peaceful, yet deep moment to share.


en enfance

Sunday 18 July 2010

It had been a long time since I last went to the home of my childhood. It was still there, wrapped in the greenest nature. After a long day of hard work digging ground and breaking stones, I used a relaxed sunday to sit under the hazel tree and paint the garden's entrance. I used pigment ink for the lines and ocre watercolor for the values.

100718 Aquarelle Le jardin Artigues

My parents often have some strange things to show, and sometimes of those items that have the touching, somehow magic effect of the old-fashioned objects.
Really our electronic technophile world didn't produce such treasure as this archaic-looking device. Guess what, this thing peals apples, removes their core and cuts them into slices, in nothing more than a few turns of crank.
(then it became the model of my second little watercolor of the day)

100718 Aquarelle La machine à pommes

Claire on couch

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Croquis crayon claire

Villa Chapelet

Monday 31 May 2010

A rare sketch I did during the rare holiday I took earlier this month in Provence. The place was a treasure, we did a lot of hiking.

Villa Chapelet - Dessin


Tuesday 1 December 2009

Talence, le temps d'une pause café, à l'abris de la pluie.

091130 croquis Moleskine  Portail Parc Talence

Blue sky

Sunday 4 October 2009
Doors, bars, pit, high cliffs. But first and foremost, apathy. Sunday's sky's uncatchable.
091004 Watercolor - Blue sky
Jul. 11
11/7/2011 Friend doodling
21/7/2011 Cash Machine