Tuesday 14 April 2009
Les éléments se rassemblent et bouillent au fond du ventre. L'énergie vitale, celle de créer, se bat avec l'apathie d'un corps qui se refuse. S'endormir tout habillé, trou noir et sourd, pour engloutir les restes d'une après-midi dans un sommeil de plomb. Puis le réveil soudain, désorienté, avec le soleil couchant d'une ville étrangement vidée; les crayons, l'odeur du bois, le tracé des formes recommencées sans cesse, sur le papier criblé de la morsure des mines dures. Les voix mêlées des amants disparus, Jeff, Liz, portent les pensées vers des strates célestes où tout est plus léger, plus profond à la fois.
Ecrire à ceux qu'on aime qu'on les aime. Leur dire que c'est à eux qu'on pense quand tout ne va pas bien.
070914 sep
Dernièrement j'ai fait de la sculpture. Le bois, c'est la tétine de mon enfance, l'essence originelle, et je me demande comment ai-je pu attendre si longtemps avant d'acheter ces ciseaux et ce morceau de planche. Graver des motifs, sans but aucun, sans autre raison que d'appréhender la matière; vider le cerveau et accéder au réel. La chair d'un l'arbre, quoi de plus tangible, quoi de plus vrai?



Apr. 30, 2009 2:27
Bonjour Michael:

I am not usually one to comment ... but I have to say that your writings and images are "aussi profond" ( I wish my French was better but I can read it well enough to understand that you write even more beautifully in the language of your thoughts than in my language of comfort - English does not have so many nuances...) Your paintings embody a deep feeling of life, with all its ups and downs.

I applaud your new direction toward colour and sculpture. These media are very tactile,are they not? (Stained glass is also wonderful, if you enjoy the aspect of construction, light and color.) And all these things can bring us back from "the edge", so to speak...

To use a colloqialism: Take more vacations (c'est la meme chose en Francais, n'est-ce pas?) And... Don't let the turkeys get you down!

Au-revoir (j'espere)


P.S. I hope you find this,since it is a reply to an older post - you do not need to reply if you don't want to --but the comments on your sculpture segment were broken ...
May 1, 2009 22:45
Bonsoir Judy,
As you can see your message found me well. Thank your for pointing out the broken link for commenting, I fixed that and moved your message under the desired post.
I feel flattered to receive such attention from someone who usually doesn't comment!
Writing is a medium for artistic expression, just like any other, except that it feel much more spontaneous to me. The drawback is that I can't really write "on demand". It has to be the right mood, the right setting, else nothing comes out. When the time is now, you know it for sure because words are pushing so hard you can hear them. Of course French is easier when it's your mother tongue, but I like how English sounds. My english is obviously restrained by the missing vocabulary, but still I can hear the song and this is how I write.
Sculpture, you named it, is about the tactile sensation. Pure and simple. It's so real, so relaxing! I doubt I could rush into stained glass creation without a proper course. Are you practicing that too? Your paintings, somehow, seem like they could be transposed to stained glass. I imagine that you live in the right middle of the wildlife and nature you depict, surrounded by enough beauty that everyday wants you to seize a brush and celebrate. Am I right? I didn't get a chance to visit Canada... yet, but I'm about to! End of June I have a flight for Montreal. Wouldn't that be fun to honor your "au-revoir" in person ?

Apr. 09
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