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Thursday 25 June 2009

Those are recent sketches from my Moleskine notebook, which is small enough to fit in a pocket, my little companion of eclectic doodles and those moments when you have to watch the time pass.

Drawing of Aunties' house in Astaffort, south west France

A house in Astaffort, small typical village in south west France, a place I much endear, holding memories of my most innocent childhood _ and my mother's and grandmother's as well. Smells of sun and wood and of deep countryside, the company of sheep and dogs, and the warm laughter of my aunties.

Drawing of St Emilion Cloitre Eglise Collegiale

In the cloister of Collégiale church, in St Emilion, where was held a talk by philosophers Barbara Cassin and Heinz Wismann in a sunny afternoon, as part of a festival of philosophy.

Insomniac drawing of a busy kitchen

Middle night insomnia, no place else but the busy kitchen not to wake up the lady, and in the traced lines, retrieve the peace needed for a proper sleep.


Jun. 25, 2009 21:37
I like those kinds of houses. My mother went to Edinburgh a few years ago & she brought home a sculpture of a house that looked like that. I find it very charming. :)
Jun. 09
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