Reportage France 3 Aquitaine

Friday 12 February 2010

I have been interviewed by the regional TV during my solo exhibition in Bordeaux. It was the first time for me in front of a television camera, needless to say that I wasn't much comfortable. The babbling must be the stupidest ever and it certainly shows that I'm a little impressed. In the montage, they dared to compare my work with the movie "Avatar". Grrrrr

Bordeaux 7 / 11 Fév. 2010

Thursday 11 February 2010
Un article paru dans Bordeaux 7 à l'occasion de l'exposition "L'intime et le temps" à la galerie 22 Rive Gauche.

Lire l'article "Dans l'intimité de Zancan"

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Photos vernissage exposition

Friday 5 February 2010

Here are some pictures taken during the opening night of the exhibition in Bordeaux. Warm thanks to the many people who came and for all the amazing feedback they gave me!
It was touching to see so many of my friends and relatives gathering in the gallery.

I hope the pictures allow you to see the arrangements of the canvases, and for those who saw the pictures online, to provide a sense of scale for the original paintings.

Well the show is still going on, until March 2nd, 2010, and I hope it'll give a little moment of visual pleasure and reverie to even more lucky bystanders !

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5/2/2010 Photos vernissage exposition
11/2/2010 Bordeaux 7 / 11 Fév. 2010
12/2/2010 Reportage France 3 Aquitaine