Cash Machine

Jeudi 21 Juillet 2011

Some fingers touch
and the other can not
One chest lays down and the other beats
Cold cash machine
versus paper skin
I wish you were better at this game
For me to steal more of your lines
I wish I had been better at that Game
to score first place in your hall of fame

Friend doodling

Lundi 11 Juillet 2011
I was in Paris and stayed at Oceane and Cécilia's flat for a day. We went to see the Hugo Pratt exhibition at La Pinacothèque museum, it was really nice to see all those original watercolors. The permanent exhibition is something to see as well. Then at night, even though very tired, it was great to sit altogether, drawing. Below is Océane doing her "Spread the Love" drawing. The cat was long gone after I started the sketch, so I had to improvise, he's really wonky looking.
juil. 11
11/7/2011 Friend doodling
21/7/2011 Cash Machine