Sur les genoux

Tuesday 26 June 2012
I was working late on my computer; she sat by my side, and as the hours went by, she fell asleep on my knees. Photoshop was open, my tablet wasn't far neither, hence the sketch. It's not that often that I use a tablet to draw. Still that old, minuscule Graphire 2 from Wacom.

Traveling through photographs

Monday 25 June 2012

It is a piece of work that I wanted to show here, for I have been working on it for the last two months and the result is worthwhile. It was aimed at a museum in Porto ( Portugal ), for a historical movie called "The Douro region: 2000 years of history".
I proposed the idea of using old images ( paintings, ancient photographs) and allow the spectator to enter them in 3D.
For this purpose I have put on my programmer's costume and coded franticly, to create an application that would allow me to reach my goal.
It also involved a heavy Photoshop work, in order to decompose each picture into various dimensional plans, which required to invent what was behind the foreground objects. ( I must thank my employee Julia for her help on that huge task).
The movie below show the process on one out of 18 images that have been animated this way. You will see the initial picture, a glimpse of the homemade software, and the end result.
When watching the Douro movie in HD on a large screen, you get swallowed. It is both disturbing and amazing. I'm rather proud of that project. It also gave me some ideas for my paintings !

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25/6/2012 Traveling through photographs
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