Le lac

Monday 30 January 2012

Une vue sur le lac léman, depuis l'hôtel Royal de Evian. Je suis resté là quelques jours, pour le travail.

face à l'océan

Thursday 23 June 2011

Love uplifts
I'm here to throw hopes
To begin anew
But I grew so much older after you

Facing ocean


Friday 18 March 2011

about how to use with a certain delight the weird occasion of being locked at night inside the new building of Office International of the Francophonie, emptied of all the ministers and presidents that just finished to inaugurate it that day _ hence the red carpet.

Batiment de l'OIF

This was me and Julia, who is part of the team at 2Roqs, having some fun after the nice projection we successfully completed at the OIF building. More about it here:

"Gravity" inaugurating the new building of OIF

Photos vernissage exposition

Friday 5 February 2010

Here are some pictures taken during the opening night of the exhibition in Bordeaux. Warm thanks to the many people who came and for all the amazing feedback they gave me!
It was touching to see so many of my friends and relatives gathering in the gallery.

I hope the pictures allow you to see the arrangements of the canvases, and for those who saw the pictures online, to provide a sense of scale for the original paintings.

Well the show is still going on, until March 2nd, 2010, and I hope it'll give a little moment of visual pleasure and reverie to even more lucky bystanders !



Thursday 7 January 2010

This is a little video I've shot during a stroll in the city, the morning when snow fell, and stayed. This was something to catch absolutely since it much rarely happens here in Bordeaux.
I enjoyed capturing those moment in a contemplative way, and hope to do more of those in the future.

The music is from the ever wonderful Loreena Mc Kennitt, a track simply called Snow :)

someone saw him paint

Wednesday 26 August 2009
Michaël Zancan painting in his workshop Rue du Couvent - Photography by Claire Delmas

For whoever thought I was dead (including myself)

Lenses to tame

Sunday 15 February 2009
I'm very happy to manage compiling a little blog note here. Things have been so busy lately! I don't lack matter to showcase, only spare time, and sleep hours, are getting sparse. I'm not sure how I handle it. Some need drugs. I suppose that curiosity, eagerness to learn and pleasure to create are my gasoline.

I've been pondering for years to buy a decent camera; my boss brought that idea to life, in the name of a fantastic Canon EOS 5D mark II, which I've been trying to control for about a month now. Luckily I've had several opportunities to try it already, in some exciting projets (such as, video ones. but shhhh... )

Yesterday, although I had had a wholly sleepless week, plus done a shooting in the afternoon, I had my cousin visiting and we decided to arrange a photo session together. What better way to practice but with my lovely accomplice?
Gloss on lips, black backdrop and dear music, and we were all set up. Oh I must admit, I've had a freakily long moment of doubt while trying to arrange a correct lighting but only managing to increase the mess. I remembered those photo shoots I had done in the past, with devoted girlfriends posing, that I always sabotaged because of bad tools. The least you can do when someone is kind and patient enough to pose for you is to make his photos look good. This, is challenging for a newbie like me, and I adore that because I have will and it makes me improve.
Studio photoshoot Karelle 14/02/2009

We ended up with those few glamourous headshots. Even though I lack knowledge to criticize this work effectively ( and I'd love to get some ), still I'm am dazzled by her cuteness there. Isn't she? You can click on thumbnails to get bigger size (not the original size that is 25 Mpixels :) ) and also sneak a peek at her myspace because the dear lady is a great songwriter as well.


Underwater fun

Saturday 22 July 2006
I just bought myself this expensive gizmo and brought it to the barbecue party at Jules's last night. This thing is so much fun. Everybody went crazy with it, not to mention the exceptional heat and well, em, unlimited booze so... well that's summertime hey!
Jan. 12
3/1/2012 "No Doll" painting complete
30/1/2012 Le lac