Ridiculous nude man

Thursday 29 March 2007
070329 Ridiculous Nude Man

The flu I caught a few weeks ago, came in a highly inappropriate moment, but I don't know which one of the overwork or the illness provoked the other. The fever did not drop for days. Once passed the certitude that I was about to die drowned in my own sweat, I resigned to stay at home and get some rest for a day or two.
It had been about one million years since I hadn't had time, just to sit and doodle random things, without thinking.

070329 Woman Looking UpThe above sketch is ball-point pen on paper. After my hand, acting on her own, finished doodling, I couldn't help but laughing for 10 minutes. He has the look of a self-assured super-hero doing a modern ballet dance, naked.
Ridiculous indeed.


May 10, 2007 18:41
I love that your hand is a 'she'. Curiously fitting! Oh, and wonderful stuff. Truly.
May 10, 2007 23:11
Curious indeed! I didn't notice that mistake. Obviously it's because in french words have gender, and a hand happens to be a 'she' :-)
Thank you for the woo-hoo.
Mar. 07
29/3/2007 Ridiculous nude man