Traveling through photographs

Monday 25 June 2012

It is a piece of work that I wanted to show here, for I have been working on it for the last two months and the result is worthwhile. It was aimed at a museum in Porto ( Portugal ), for a historical movie called "The Douro region: 2000 years of history".
I proposed the idea of using old images ( paintings, ancient photographs) and allow the spectator to enter them in 3D.
For this purpose I have put on my programmer's costume and coded franticly, to create an application that would allow me to reach my goal.
It also involved a heavy Photoshop work, in order to decompose each picture into various dimensional plans, which required to invent what was behind the foreground objects. ( I must thank my employee Julia for her help on that huge task).
The movie below show the process on one out of 18 images that have been animated this way. You will see the initial picture, a glimpse of the homemade software, and the end result.
When watching the Douro movie in HD on a large screen, you get swallowed. It is both disturbing and amazing. I'm rather proud of that project. It also gave me some ideas for my paintings !

some sketches

Sunday 16 January 2011

A drawing of a place where I once felt good, in the countryside. Calm, bright, peaceful, with the special light of sunny sunday mornings. Lake view and even ivy going down the ceiling; perfect.

Doodle of a mouse who caught itself in a bucket left is the studio. There I learnt mice should be drawn the exact same way that we were taught in nursery school: a cone, with whiskers.

cloche pied + croche pas

Monday 4 May 2009
Sur le parvis le vent me dit
Certains y croient pourquoi pas toi
Tu as la tête en l'air tu questionnes les pierres
Tu vas le nez en bas tu recomptes les pas
Ce soir c'est samedi tu te mures en ta grotte
L'amour c'est pour les autres
J'ai pour toi quelques facéties ta ta ta taaaa
pétales et riz

Colorful miniatures

Tuesday 3 March 2009

After this dull series of tortured rant and gray atmospheres, I thought that a little bit of color would not hurt anyone :)

Here are two small sized canvas painted with oil. You can click on the images to zoom in!

Colorful miniatures, two small paintings by Michaël Zancan

First, the little thingy on the right is a fan-art of a talented illustrator from who I kinda borrowed an original drawing some time ago. This was a wink at her Red Corset, that has been a real fun to make and a pleasure to send to Kmye, after that charming encounter in real life back in december. Her talent shines even more after realizing that I couldn't express the same melancholic sensuality that her character displays.

The "big" green painting _ it's 30cm /11 inches wide _ was made a much longer time ago, in 2005 if I remember well. Back then it was a commission from my cousin Karelle to illustrate a song named "La dormeuse du val", inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's famous poem.
The painting was done in about 3 sessions, which makes it more like a sketch than a finished work to me. I would have loved to make the lush more realistic, add rays of light falling down and a bit of heat glow.

a view of Manhattan

Friday 21 September 2007
a view of manhattan

Those house oldies we've been looking for so long, soulful thrills, happy melancholy, ten year-old souvenirs straight in the mail.
And I'm wearing a DA shirt. (which arrived with a small hole on the front side. It could be annoying, but on the other hand I won't have any hindrance for customizing it)

Derrière mon loup j'embrasse qui je veux!

Friday 3 November 2006
Que l'on me pardonne ce jeu stupide... mais c'est pas moi qu'ai commencé!

Dis moi c romain ton collegue de td d'instit euro.une question me turlupine,faut il réviser la cedh dan le cadr du conseil de leurope?merci dme repondr jten seré reconnaissant!a tanto!
De +336122680##
Le 03/11/2006 à 15h56

Visiblement ce message ne m'est pas adressé. Mais me déranger en plein travail par des questions existentielles de la part d'un parfait inconnu mérite bien une petite répartie vengeresse!

SeparatorHello Romain- oui c obligé ça va tomber je te conseille de t'y mettre a fond, aller au boulot! Si tu as d question hésite pa,je maitrise! ;-)

à +336122680##
Le 03/11/2006 à 16h04

Voyons, faut-il réviser la cedh? hmmm... Inciter ce pauvre garçon à la fumisterie pourrait avoir des conséquences fâcheuses à l'exam; alors que travailler un peu de trop ne peut pas lui faire beaucoup de mal, à ce petit br*nleur! ;)

SeparatorHé maestro je sui op ossi!dc tu confirm il fo fair la cedh?pck elsa é lucie me disent que non!va pa taffer tro tu pouré tabimer la santé!
De +336122680##
Le 03/11/2006 à 16h05

Visiblement, Romain aurait préféré l'autre réponse. Voilà qu'il appelle ses copines à la rescousse! Voyons si mon avis pèsera plus lourd dans la balance que les deux filles réunies.
A ce stade, malgré le "maestro" et le ton plutôt masculin, je ne sais toujours pas si je suis une fille ou un gars...

SeparatorEcoute pa les 2 pinbèches,partisanes du moindre effort! la cedh c'est la vérité,le savoir ultime,c l'élévation supreme.Fai moi confiance, tu en sera grandi!
à +336122680##
Le 03/11/2006 à 16h17

Google m'enseigne que Cedh tiens pour "Cour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme". Les droits de l'homme, c'est important ça, d'autant plus important que je n'y connais rien. Je vais rester sur ma position, en prenant soin toujours d'éviter les adjectifs sexués. Au passage, on écorche les copines. Vaniteux, narcissique et pompeux, le tout arrosé de mauvaise prose, voilà qui devrait appuyer l'éminence de mes propos!

SeparatorJe v técouter alor mai jesper ke ton elevation spirituelle é vraimen transcendante sinon c la merd dperdr du temps!
de +336122680##
Le 03/11/2006 à 16h27

Hi hi ! Affreusement pervers, mais franchement jubilatoire!
Etonnamment je n'ai pas beaucoup de remords de lui pourrir son weekend; suis-je donc si méchant?
Voilà qui lui promet un grand moment de solitude au prochain TD :)

My preeeeciouuuuus

Thursday 21 September 2006
060920 iPod Come back
I remember how sad I've been when I broke my dear companion two years ago. It had become the center of my musical universe in only a few months, and I just ... felt down on it after a wonky roller skating figure.
Finally I found that replacement part on eBay, and got that hard drive fixed! And that 40GB 3G works absolutely flawlessly.
Happy happy me!!!

Learning to sew + sketch

Monday 17 July 2006
Those ideas I have in mind are no place else :) That's not really an innocent reminiscence of my girly teenage activities, but another weird project that I'm planning here. Once again my mom thought her son was bizarre when she gave me my first sewing lesson.

A quick sketch of Joelle chatting and smoking in the morning warmth.

Welcome Mini

Thursday 20 April 2006
Aujourd'hui nous avons reçu au bureau notre petit dernier, le tout nouveau MacMini et son processeur intel "core duo". Quelques jours à peine après que Apple ait dévoilé son "BootCamp", nous nous sommes empressés d'installer un système XP sur le petit bijou. Flawless... tout marche à merveille!
Pour nous qui cotoyons les ordinateurs de puis plus de vingt ans il s'agit là d'une petite révolution. C'est la première fois qu'une machine fait cohabiter les frères ennemis, Windows et MacOS.
Jun. 12
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