Gizmobies painting reworked

Mardi 29 Août 2006

According to Jon Phillips, Gizmobies's CEO, the first month's sells went very well, and he said that I had been the best selling designer "on a per-design basis", but the fourth overall. He was very enthusiastic about my paintings and convinced me to arrange new designs for September 1st.


Jon thought that my painting entitled MosFete would look nice on Gizmobies, but since it's a very early piece of mine the actual painting is full of enormous mistakes. Someone on DeviantArt said once that the girl looked like she had been violently punched in the face. Ouch. And I was forced to agree, and since it's definitely not my kind to snap women I was feeling really bad about that.

So I grabbed my Wacom and started to touch the girl up. I also drew a large extra part of empty background to fill up the iPods' front side printable area. I don't think the girl is that perfect now, but at least she doesn't look punched anymore.

Website sketches

Mardi 15 Août 2006
I made these 2 sketches for use in my new website. I tried to convey a calm, ancient mood with a bit of surreal feeling, but without carrying a too strong meaning, to avoid focusing too much on what's supposed to be only decorative.
I'll probably add more such sketches later.
août 06
15/8/2006 Website sketches
29/8/2006 Gizmobies painting reworked