Longing for some paint to tame

Sunday 25 February 2007
070217 New painting design
070217 Me modeling
What a life. Torn off, excessive, chaotic, unstable, and useless in many ways. Stuck within that mess of a brain I found it nearly impossible to start up a new painting.
Finally I saved a few hours of my saturday afternoon to sit down and doodle the layout for a painting to come. The subject matter is quite sarcastic towards myself, even though I don't want it to depict an introspective situation. I've been turning that in my head for a long time, with that fear of sounding misplaced, but gave up on auto-censoring. The fact is I am in an urgent need to paint, for mental sanity's sake.
Maybe I have some urgent concerns to expell.

Sketching roommates

Saturday 3 February 2007
070203 Michael's sketch book
Having a new flat full of roommates and plenty of their friends is quite convenient for practicing sketching. They all quickly get used to being portrayed, and rapidly stop noticing. The drawback is that they keep moving all the time. Some of them are pretty quiet, but most can't sustain a pose for more than 2 nanoseconds :-/
I just have to fare with it. Actually I'm more used to draw people from my imagination rather than from real life, but I know that a good artist absolutely needs both sides, so I hope to make good progress here.
070203 Roommates sketches
( ft Jess, Julie, Matth, Thomas, Benoît )
Feb. 07
3/2/2007 Sketching roommates
25/2/2007 Longing for some paint to tame